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flyingshapes° Release

Posted by: flyingshapes on steam_community_announcements October 24, 2019

flyingshapes° is out of Beta/Early Access now. With this great step we have brought a whole set of new features for you so you can use fs° with a new level of precision:

  • introduced continuity features for curves and surfaces (check out our tutorial for this awesome feature at
  • introduced grid snapping that can be combined with other tools to work with precision in 3D space
  • introduced a new measurement tool that lets you interactively measure and define distances and angles wherever required
  • introduced a new and improved user interface

With the release we have launched our commercial version for 54$/month (+ taxes) and a 30 day trial period for commercial users. For private/non-commercial users flyingshapes° will stay free!

If you have questions or need a special quote, please get in touch. We are happy to help you!

The new Curve Tool providing curvature continuity features:


The new UI design:

flyingshapes - Next Generation VR CAD

Experience VR CAD, a new way of creating your digital models for industrial design and architecture. Enjoy sketching and concept modeling in 3D space by simply moving the controllers in your hands. Design professional products with this intuitive CAD tool specifically tailored to virtual reality.

Developer: flyingshapes GmbH

Publisher: flyingshapes GmbH