Dev Video - Active Upgrades

Posted by: chaosavy on steam_community_announcements October 23, 2019

Hey guys!

While this update isn't huge I'm pretty excited about the recent changes so I decided to make a update video and short announcement post (this).


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While working on the game in preparation for release I decided to (more or less) finalize active upgrades. I decided I needed to add a few active upgrades as well as finally put in proper icons for them (versus using the old icons from Void Destroyer 1). While waiting for my 2D artist to create I icons I also decided to address the pretty big gap of not having a way for players to re-organize active upgrades (after adding them to a ship).

So now, there are a few more cool and overpowered active upgrades, the upgrades have proper icons and you can re-organize them!

Thank you very much for supporting the project and I hope you enjoy!


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