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Update 10/18/2019 - Added Enemy Reload Animations

Posted by: Huskinator on steam_community_announcements October 18, 2019

Hi Everyone,

The latest patch will add Enemy Reload Animations.

In the previous versions of the game, enemies would shoot a random number of bullets before pausing for a bit...and then continue shooting after the brief pause. This was intended to provide a window for players to peek out and engage the hostile....however, I received feedback that this wasn't apparent as a response, I'm adding enemy reload animations to provide a more apparent visual/audio representation. The length of the reload depends on the type of weapon that the enemy is wielding.


The Pause intervals between firing have been reduced to compensate for this addition. Gunfights should still feel tense and unpredictable, especially when engaging multiple hostiles.

Note: Enemies will still be shooting at you if you are hiding behind cover or behind certain walls....this is something I won't be changing as it's intended to make you feel like you're trapped in an intense gun battle (kinda like in action movies).

Additional Changes:
- Calling Arrest on an untriggered enemy will slightly increase the chance of them surrendering.
- Made modifications to door script so that they will not open/close in the midst of gun fights.
- Reduction in sporadic AI movement/clipping when shot with high impact weapons
- Weapons will remain stuck in enemy hands when they are knocked down (either from a shotgun blast or from being pistol whipped)
- Fixed bug with VR Full Auto Guns shooting continuously if the gun is released while being shot.
- Added a further safeguard on the Reload Rotator for the Sawed-off and the Revolver, to prevent them from accidentally opening (ejecting all it's ammo) while in the holster.

That's about step of development...I'm going to start my research on Online Multiplayer. Hopefully things will go smoothly :\
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