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Update 1.5.3

Posted by: Slimwaffle on steam_community_announcements October 18, 2019


Patch Notes

  • Custom Key-binds (players can now decide which button to bind to the action they want)
  • Pine Tree collision fixed
  • Fixed a bug with the levelling up system that resulted in players levelling up too quickly
  • Stamina Regeneration rate now fixed to increase with the other stats when levelling up
  • Night time lighting and auto eye adjustment tweaked
  • There is now separate ambient sound for night time to day time
  • Fixed a bug that was killing the trader

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Outback Survival

Welcome to Australia. Build, Craft, Hunt, Fight. Do whatever it takes to survive. Outback Survival is a single-player Survival experience set in an Australian landscape, that doesn't use zombies and puts as much control as possible into the player's hands.

Developer: Wafflesoft

Publisher: Wafflesoft