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Industriworks v0.1 is released.

Posted by: RootIsDanger on steam_community_announcements October 14, 2019

Industriworks v0.1 is live now. Added Golems, Slimes, Money Points, Spells, and Music.
Golems. In a discussion I mentioned that first resource autiomations will be NPC interacting, however I reconstructed some ideas and decided, that first automations will be golems. This version doesn't contain real automations as there is no real goals in the game for resource automations in this version. These golems can help you to dig, craft and move items.
MP. MP (money points) is vital energy of almost each creature (such as player and slime, but golems) in Industriworks. MP can be converted to ML (money level), a value, that is set to creature in a non-linear way depending on MP creature own. Player can use ML to open spells, which can be obtained in left side of inventory (GUI context). Player can take MP from mobs such as slimes.
In Industriworks v0.1 player has 3 spells — Life, Decomposition, and Reconfiguration, which is used to make golems.
All major features added in v0.1:
0. Music at startup menu.
1. Slimes.
2. Golems and pedestal crafting.
3. Generation of rare huge caves.
4. Heart Crystall, that is used to craft golems.
5. MP-bar and spell slots.
6. New achievement related to crafting golems.
7. Making bottled anvil, that is used to open spell Reconfiguration.
8. GUI pixel scaling.
9. Metal Smelter.
10. Esc-menu when Industriworks window is not focused.
11. Drop targeting.

0. Fluids are targeted depending on their volume.

Note, that you maybe need to delete your saves of v0.0.6. These saves are supported, but starting coordinates of the world is shifted and you will appear underground. However, you still can get above ground if you will move faster than world generating.


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Dig and build in a blocky sandbox world, economize heat in smelter to smelt more resources at once. There is few ores, metals, alloys and other materials, that you can use in your crafting to make powerful tools and golems.

Developer: PredposledniyRubikon

Publisher: PredposledniyRubikon