Devlog: Gang Leader

Posted by: drakonian_lord on steam_community_announcements October 8, 2019

Hi, everyone!
We continue the theme of powerful opponents by introducing the new enemy: the Gang Leader. This fearsome woman has some of the most violent criminals in the wasteland under her control. If her minions aren’t enough she is always ready to handle the problem herself.


Gang leader’s first weapon is her special knife. If one of your crew members gets hit by that blade, you’ll have to face a difficult choice: either your character skips their turn doing nothing except treating their wounds or they’ll suffer heavy bleeding until the end of the fight.

Gang leader’s second weapon is her loyal Rat Canine. This big brute rushes into battle at the flick of her finger and will do everything to protect its owner.

On top of all that, you’ll have to face her ever-present bodyguards. This fight is going to be tough, but the reward is sure worth it. If you overcome all these challenges, not only you will get some sweet cash, but also be able to claim her special weapon.

Try your best and stay alert in the desert!

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Hello, everyone!

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