Update 25: Hotfix 9

Posted by: Bjorn - GSG on steam_community_announcements October 9, 2019

- Mactera Grabbers can no longer target people inside the Escape Pod
- Disable rotate character with right stick in forge screen
- Deep Dive header added to Mission Complete Screen and implemented animation on Mission Complete bottom bar
- Price of Promotion now scales up over time. The first couple of promotions are now way cheaper than they used to be, but as you progress it becomes more and more expensive to promote a Dwarf.
- BET-C can no longer be frozen (she would still be firing even if she got frozen)
- Increased XP and Gold payout for completing Deep Dives... Just because you are doing such a fine job!
- Final end screen tweaks
- Fixed a crash if you were disconnected during a Deep Dive stage but managed to reconnect to the next stage
- Enabled the ability to pause Solo Deep Dives
- Fixed Bosco related crashes
- Potential fixes for some instances of spawning outside of the Drop Pod on mission start
- Warthog Combat Shotgun tweaked:
- Magnetic Pellet Alignment OC - reduced rate of fire penalty and added a magazine capacity penalty
- Fixed Woodlouse rolling into Drop Pod kicking players out.
- Fixed the enemy's ability to enter the Drop Pod while its landed.
- [Community Request] We have changed the word “drinks” back to “beers” regarding Miners Union BEER Event. We didn’t think much into this word change originally....but in hindsight it should have stayed “beers”, and to clarify we are obviously NOT removing beers from the game. Have a cold one and chill a bit :wink:
- Fixed mission icons in Server List
- Refactored the Customizable HUD system. Old settings are reset to recommended as a side effect. *Sorry about that!*. More fixes and changes will come in the next hotfix!
- [HUD] Team Display - Dynamic: Always visible when player down
- [HUD] Team Display - Dynamic: Always visible when Laserpointer is equipped
- [HUD] Team Display - Dynamic: Always visible when player is down and the camera is following other players
- [HUD] Team Display - Feature: Added ammo counter to team mates icons, showing overall ammo status. Ammo counter is only visible when the player is looking at a resupply pod or the Laserpointer is equipped.
- [HUD] Health & Armor - Dynamic: Always on when Laserpointer equipped
- [HUD] Health & Armor - Dynamic: Always on while player holds down fire button.
- [HUD] Mutator & Warnings icons show and hides like Objectives icon
- Possible fix for enemies being able to push players inside Dreadnought Eggs.
- Improved the scaling of difficulty on Point Extraction missions.
- Fixed team display ammo counter not initialized
- Fixed Naedocyte Breeder frozen death leaving sound behind forever
- Fixed Milestones and Achievements related to Deep dives, they now increment the amount of completed deep dives like they should (they only count up the first time you complete a deep dive since they track unique deep dive completions, so if you already completed this weeks deep dives you will not be able to get the progress for those)

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