- Major cloud infrastructure performance improvements

Posted by: Frooxius on steam_community_announcements October 9, 2019

Major refactoring of the cloud infrastructure! Sorry for the lack of updates to Neos itself, since we started experiencing severe server congestion, I had to prioritize some major work on the cloud server. It should be much speedier now and better prepared for scaling! There’s still a few things left to do, but should be better now. Also managed to slip in some full body improvements and fixes! ;)

New features

- Added buttons for rotating the platform and new grabbable toggle directly on the full body calibrator platform
- Added ability to set position/rotation smoothing on feet and hips with full body tracking. This will allow for filtering out tracker jitter (especially on feet when stomping) and provide nicer motion
- Added BooleanValueDriver (under Transform/Drivers)


- AvatarPoseSmoothLerp now has separate smooth speed for position and rotation. Using negative values will disable the smoothing completely
- Upgraded to Unity 2019.2.8 (from 2019.2.7)


- Reworked cloud infrastructure into separate API frontend service and background processing app to significantly improve performance and server congestion
- Ported cloud API frontend and background worker to ASP .NET Core 3.0 (from .NET Framework) to improve performance
- Optimized thumbnail upload to reduce server congestion
- Optimized session management on the cloud server to reduce background processing
- Improved caching of user information on the cloud server to improve performance
- Upgraded to v3 CosmosDB SDK for the cloud server, which should help with some performance issues
- Various other optimizations to the cloud server infrastructure


- Added a mechanism for extending cloud session duration. This fixes issues when Neos runs for too long (e.g. longer than a day for headless, as reported by @tehturk )
- Fixed fetching of attributes for nested lists in the inspector, which would break generating UI for certain components (like MaterialSet discovered by @H3BO3 and @ProbablePrime )
- Fixed potential duplication of tracker objects and world tracker manager lingering after it has been removed
- Fixed position and rotation stream duplication for Vive trackers when the user is respawned
- Fixed issue with avatar objects slots sending node availability messages for all users (this could cause some unpredictable avatar behavior)

Known Issues

- Large assets may fail to upload right now, will be fixed soon

[img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/32580497/43ee030e042a238a46ad59cfcc19b99b0e154f35.png[/img] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/32580497/7742fb265ee608cb2a9a6b41aaa6138976155172.png[/img] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/32580497/dd2c2f6d46e45ccf4178688bcbe67f0adc0acf9a.png[/img]

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