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Dev Video - Customization, Empire management and Missions

Posted by: chaosavy on steam_community_announcements October 6, 2019

Hey guys!

I've uploaded another "Dev Update" video to talk and show some of the recent changes and additions to the game.

Here it is:


Direct Link: Here

Here's a short summary of the recent changes/additions:

  • Much easier method to customizing fleet/defense ships.
  • Method to create a fleet out of hangar ships with few clicks.
  • New ship commands in Overworld mode (guard, patrol, etc).
  • Repair ships can also be given these commands and will seek out ships to be repaired.
  • Easily toggle primary/secondary burns for multiple ships.
  • UI text to see what your ships' current orders are,
  • Sensor and detection ranges overhaul (larger ships can scan further but are more easily detected).
  • Upgrades to increase sensor range and/or decrease detection range (useful for combat ships to find targets, and transport ships to avoid being detected).
  • Owned assets (bases, platforms) create a sensor net in Overworld mode, giving you a view of what's going on in your empire.
  • Trade ship interface now includes way to create "platform traders" ships that will buy/take resources from platforms.
  • Bunch of new auto generated missions added, tweaks, changes, re-balance to missions.
  • Many auto generated missions are now "fleet missions" - where you get compensated for ship loss.

Full Patch Notes - Here

Changes overview:
My time recently has been spent working on end game empire management and early game auto generated missions. My goal has been to make late game empire management a lot smoother with less mouse clicks, more automation and giving the player more control and insight as to what is going on.

I've also did a pass on auto generated missions, with the goal of make the early game to middle game smoother. Filling in some gaps to reduce doing the same missions over and over. Changing mission payouts (increasing in most cases). Rebalancing some missions and adding a bunch of new ones.

What's next?
Work towards release continues with shifting focus on finalizing elements and then preparing for release, in the form of working on more external elements like a new trailer and store/marketing elements.

As always - I hope you enjoy these changes, give them a good run through in the game and give me feedback.

Thank you for supporting the project!


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