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Some hot news about I Am Your President beta :)

Posted by: Intuition on steam_community_announcements October 1, 2019

Time for some important information for everyone waiting for our game.
I would like to start by explaining why we communicate so rarely. We are a „smoll indie dev team” and we do not have a person strictly responsible for contact with the community. That is why we often forget about this. I'm sorry on behalf of the whole team ;<.
BUT If you have a really urgent question, please join our discord server. You can write to us directly there (some of us are present here every day). Then we will try to answer as soon as possible.

Click here to join our discord server.

Let's move on to more interesting news.

„Soon” we want to give you access to the beta of our game. We are very excited to hear your opinions. The beta version will have limited content and will be rather short(we don't want to spoil you the most interesting events). Despite this, we will be able to catch many of our mistakes, mainly design ones;). Based on your feedback, we will be able to finally determine the exact release date. The bad news is that we probably won't be able to release the game in 2019. Creating content in the game such as events, conversations, speeches, laws, etc. is very time consuming and we want to avoid a situation where events are too repetitive. That's why we need more time.

I would like to describe to you more precisely what this game is now. The goal of the game will be making America great again ... and survive. Seriously! During the entire presidency we will have to take care of many parameters of our country such as economy, diplomacy, industry, society etc. If at least one of these parameters drops to a critically low level then you will lose! Your every decision will influence these parameters. Really everything - every conversation, a message sent in social media, a speech given, a signed law, etc. You will have a number of options at your disposal to reach your goal. It is possible that sometimes you will have to go against yourself to survive. Politics life is not easy 😉. Even if you lose, the next game will not be the same. The events that will appear in each game will be largely random. Thanks to this, the game will gain a lot of replay value.

Tools that we want to put into your hands.
- Dialogues (...many dialogues. It will be the main way of influencing the world).
- Signing legal acts (after all you are the president).
- Creating and delivering speeches.
- Posting to social media.
- World map and some interesting options on it. ;)
- Negotiating with other leaders.
- Selecting the members of the Cabinet of the United States.
- Short-term goals.
- A press conference!
- Maybe something more? 😉


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