Alpha Patch 1.5.1

Posted by: Slimwaffle on steam_community_announcements September 26, 2019

Hello beautiful people.
This patch focused heavily on performance and small improvements across the entire game.
As usual leave any feedback and suggestions in the steam forums and let’s jump right into the patch notes.

--Patch Notes--

• Main Menu Screen Changed
• Settings Screen Changed
• Character selection improved
• Exp system expanded (can now get xp from all forms of crafting and building, as well as
from resource gathering)
• Level Up sound and notification added
• Passive Skill System introduced (Stats increase based off player level)
• Roads and Bridges fixed
• Road textures changed
• Game quality Settings (low, medium, High) highly adjusted and changed
• Oxygen bar added
• Running to swimming transitions fixed
• Unarmed animation replaced
• Lighting adjusted for lamps
• Day and night cycle adjusted to adjust light intensity based of sun angle (now constantly
changes intensity instead of at set times)
• Player torch fixed (Brighter, and now moves with camera not player)
• Trader (Bikey Mike) can now buy items from the player
• Head-shot sound effect added
• Rednecks fixed to randomly walk around
• Towns now spawn rednecks
• Keybind screen updated to show item quick move shortcut
• Large Gum trees adjusted to prevent them from floating above the ground
• Fixed some bugs on Towns loading and unloading
• Beds now have two functions (Spawn point and you can sleep in them to advance the

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1.5.7 Mini Fix

Outback Survival - 24 hours ago

Due to player feedback to the 1.5.7 patch, the toon shader option will be offered as something that players can choose for themselves. This feature can be adjusted at any time in the advanced settings section of the main menu. I also added some bug fixes also from player feedback.

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