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A Semi-New Direction

Posted by: astralojia on steam_community_announcements September 27, 2019

Thanks to everyone who shelled out the $5 for Episode 1, and thanks to everyone that left positive reviews for the game:

jeffrey williams
Cat Daddy

You guys are the best.

If you'd like to keep up to date with the game here are my twitter accounts: (Older one) (Newer one I'll be using more frequently)

Well, what do I have to say about Steam...It's definitely not what it used to be! On one end, the lack of curation and over-saturated content has me falling beneath a handful of very good products. On the other end, it's gotten me to re-plan on how I can make the series of games much better.

My thought at first for this project was to release every episode as a completely separate and new game on Steam. Recently, though, I've found myself looking at isolating each part of the workflow from another. Most of the first 20-25 episodes of Astralojia all take place in a single village, a school, and the areas surrounding it. I started to draw and re-design all of the scenes that need to be completed and I've ended up with about 36 exteriors and about 64 interriors.

Not impossible considering the levels aren't overly detailed in any case...

So what I'm aiming at doing now is finishing up all of the levels for the full series of games all at once, first and foremost, then hiring a character designer and a pixel-artist to handle those aspects for the rest of these episodes. This would be estimated to take 2 months.

Then, I've already started improving my SDK by having the games managed by a sort of DVD menu in where you select your episodes from a title screen. This will be best, as episodes can be as short as an hour in the length and will depend more on the skill of the battle system than anything else to proceed.

Right now I've created a rough estimate of the amount of hours this will take on my own:

  • 10 hours - Get the game to start using new episode system, implement save/load
  • 40 hours - Implementing Episode Menu, Episode Select, Play, Quit (button now goes back to menu and should exist on PC AND ALL PLATFORMS NOW)
  • 200 hours - Creating all scenes for the entire project
  • 70 hours - Implementing ultimates, in battle cutscenes, combos, guardians and astral synchronization into battles
  • 60 hours - Re-writing episodes 2-26

This gives me 380 hours. Simultaneously while I handle this aspect, I'm going to be hiring a pixel-artist, a character designer, and pay to have the game translated into Japanese.

Of course with this new plan, it does mean episode 2 will be delayed, but when episodes do start coming out all of the pixel-art, character designs, all of the scenes, the entirety of the script and 90% of the music (which is already finished) will be completed and ready to be pieced together.

If I do 30 hours a week starting tomorrow on this, and I have as of right now been pulling 40 hour weeks, this should mean I can get to the point I want to be at by January 1st, 2020. So long as I don't lapse in going outside in my off time and hanging out with friends and family, keeping mental and physical health number one, I'm confident development will be swift and sure.

The game is privately funded by my own savings over the years, so I should be set as of right now. I will do the absolute best I can to make as good as a series of games, especially to honor the few who bought or gave the game a try.


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Astralojia: Episode 1

Taku and his friends compete in a school of martial arts and magic, as they uncover the mysteries of the world of Astralojia.

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