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Auto generated missions - Phase 1.

Posted by: chaosavy on steam_community_announcements September 26, 2019

Hey guys!

Thought I'd toss out an update to let you know what's been going on.

I started this a few weeks ago as a sort of a finalize auto generated missions task. My goal was to play each auto generated mission and see if it needed any tweaks, balance, reward changes as well as to see if I can spice it up in anyway.

I quickly saw that I really needed to brainstorm additional missions to the roster and my focus changed to that. I've since added 9 new auto generated missions, some are fairly simple and others a bit more elaborate. These additional missions should make the early to mid game progression of the player smoother and more interesting.

I've also tweaked "priority" mission rank, ship and rewards to be in line with the finalized auto generated missions.

This is what I'm calling "Phase 1" - and I'm going to upload a patch shortly.


Phase 2 is going to be what I originally planned to do - play each auto generated mission and tweak/balance/spice them up as well as finalize their credit rewards. My goal was always not to have the player grind for credits, so some missions will get a nice boost for that.

Also instead of my previous method of some missions appearing randomly - I'll do a more reliable system where there is a sort of a "cool down" timer on some missions that I want to be rarer.


I'm very excited for you guys to test out the new auto generated missions and let me know what you think!

As always - thank you so much for supporting the project and for your feedback, criticism and ideas.



PS: After phase 2 is done - I'll most likely post a update video talking about these changes and other recent updates (like being able to give your ships patrol commands in Overworld mode, being able to properly use production platforms for your empire and other changes).
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