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Posted by: Sven on steam_community_announcements September 16, 2019

Dear Community,


We are currently working on A LOT; new events, new patches, content and more all at once! One thing that we have stumbled upon recently is the amount of amazing suggestions and ideas you guys have shared with us over the past period(s) of time. This is GREAT! Although for us it can sometimes become a challenge to keep track of everything and to not miss anything. Now, we have developed a solution that we think will benefit both sides: us and you guys.


The System

We have developed a very simple suggestion system through our website that allows anyone to create a suggestion. Players can see a feed of all suggestions and can upvote/downvote other players' suggestions. We as staff can then mark suggestions as "under development" or "skipped" etc. to keep you updated. Players here are forced to keep their ideas simple, but strong and this especially will make things a lot easier.

Now, you might wonder: "What about the forums?" or "What about all the forum threads I have made in the past sharing ideas?"
^ We'd like to invite you to simply copy any still relevant ideas to this new system, with a link to the original forum thread so we can always find more information and see what other people think.

The same here goes for Discord. Have any ideas? It's GREAT to share them in the suggestions chat although to keep track of everything please also suggest it through our new suggestion system.


Where to go

We are currently still integrating the system into our website, game and social medias although the whole system itself is already accessible.

Share your suggestions here:


Additional Information

To make a suggestion you'll have to create an account. Please note that you'll have to make an entire new account here as this system is separated from the official New Z website and New Z accounts. The reason for this is because it's powered by GameSupport. For now, we're only doing suggestions through the GameSupport system although we do consider later on also porting over our support system and more. It will make a lot more sense then to have an account there. Just to clarify this ;)


Now, go share your amazing ideas, keep doing what you're all doing and let's aim to get you all more involved in what's coming / being worked on in New Z!


Best Regards,



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