Update 0.95

Posted by: SayHelloToGrux on steam_community_announcements September 11, 2019

  • Disable blood screen effect (temporally)
  • Reduced hit screen effect (temporally)
  • Improved stabbing by swords
  • Increased damage by stabbing (sword and axe)
  • Now stabbing can cause a ragdoll reaction
  • Now you can grab the enemy at any time
  • Now you can grab skeletons
  • Improved fist punch (fist hit sound, fist hit detection)
  • Increased damage by fist punch
  • Now the kick can cause a ragdoll reaction
  • Rebalanced Flaming skeleton
  • Holding the weapon while walking is made more tougher (reduced hand flexibility)
  • Removed slowdown walking of avatar when approaching an enemy
  • Improved ragdoll state for the enemy (experimentally)
  • Reduced threshold for animated reactions when hitting legs
  • Fixed sound of a blow when breaking a head
  • Fixed sound of hitting shields

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Hello everyone and Happy Holidays!!! We have a small update for you guys to celebrate the holidays! Now you can kill those zombies with some holiday cheer!

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