Lady and Blade 1.2

Posted by: 大法師Kazuya on steam_community_announcements September 11, 2019

[Add]Show treasure box on the map
[Update]Update staff list

[Add]Add support for XBOX joystick
[Add]Add a button to quickly upgrade and prompt on the UI
[Add]Add XBOX joystick operation instructions
[Add]Add a new jumping sound
[Fix]Fix the problem that the 4th level of the ladder movement was not smooth
[Fix]Fix a problem with sound when changing scenes
[Fix]Fix the problem of abnormal save/load of the 10th level
[Update]halve all monsters
[Update]Reduces the first level of all enemies' blood volume by 50%
[Update]Modify the boundaries of each level
[Delete]Cancel the rush when attack
[Delete]Cancel motion blur

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Lady and Blade 1.1

Lady and Blade - September 9, 2019

[Add]Add support for XBOX joystick

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Lady and Blade

This is a fast paced ARPG game. The heroine is a sexy and mature assassin, who can be replaced by a variety of clothing styles, with『Hack and Slash』that allows you to experience the pleasure of sweeping the battlefield.

Developer: Kazuya,tensun3d

Publisher: REDTOMBO