Early Access Update #4

Posted by: MigrantP on steam_community_announcements September 11, 2019

The last major Early Access update is here, featuring optimizations, achievements, and more! Read on to learn all about it.



We've added 18 achievements to the game, ranging from the most basic (complete the tutorial) to the most puzzly (deal 14 damage in a single blow). Perhaps you'll find some new strategies exploring them. Happy hunting!



Wins and losses are now tracked for each mage and nemesis, along with various other interesting data points. You can see how your defense of Gravehold is going over time, and compare with the world!

Speeding Things Up

We've reworked some parts of the user interface so you can play more quickly, with fewer delays. Drag or click cards as fast as you like!

Other Improvements

This update includes various other bug fixes and improvements. Here's a list of the notable ones:


  • Select a mage to gain life by clicking their life indicator (in addition to the usual button).

Information Display:

  • View maximum life of nemesis & minions by clicking their life indicator on their full mat/card.

Bug Fixes:

  • Corruption cards are no longer invisible if you went through the whole deck.
  • Discarding a corruption with Sifter's Pearl now works properly with Crooked Mask's increased difficulty rule.
  • Breach open/focus costs are no longer displayed after destroying the breach.

What's Next

This is the last major update of the the Early Access period. We're still working on more performance improvements and optimizations, however. Plus, bonus content unlocked by the Kickstarter is on the roadmap to release soon after retail launch on Steam and tablets.

The retail launch of version 1.0 on Steam will be on Tuesday, September 17th. The tablet version on iPad and Android tablets will be released on Monday, September 30th.

Thanks for playing and keep sending in your feedback!

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