Future of Psychonauts dev's publishing label in doubt following Microsoft acquisition

Posted by: on eurogamer September 6, 2019

Double Fine Presents, the indie publishing label from Psychonauts developer Double Fine, may not be long for this world, following the company's acquisition by Microsoft earlier this year.

Since its inception in 2014, Double Fine Presents has assisted smaller indie developers in releasing a wide array of quirky titles, including provocative interactive animation Kids, reality sim Everything, ambient oddity Mountain, and the recent, critically acclaimed action-adventure Knights and Bikes from the creative director of Tearaway. And while there's still Samurai Gunn 2 to come, Double Fine Presents' future is uncertain beyond that point.

Speaking to Destructoid, Double Fine head honcho Tim Schafer explained that operating a publishing arm while under the wing of another publisher is a "complicated issue", and admitted that it's one that "doesn't make sense" if potential release platforms for new indie titles would be limited as a result of Microsoft's acquisition.

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Knights And Bikes

KNIGHTS AND BIKES is a hand-painted action-adventure set on a British island in the 1980s. You’ll play as Nessa & Demelza, tough imaginative girls, exploring the island in a Goonies-inspired tale. An adventure that sees them pedalling into danger, seeking treasure and ancient mysteries to solve.

Developer: Foam Sword

Publisher: Double Fine Presents