Humans 101 - Patch 0.9.2

Posted by: Labrodex Studios on steam_community_announcements September 11, 2019

Hello Humans 101 Subjects!

Here’s our next patch for Humans 101! We’ve got a large content update, including introducing a new character! Come and check her out! You can also find some gameplay improvements, new assets/sounds, and bug fixes in this new patch! If you can, please leave a review and spread the word about Humans 101! Check out all of our changes below:

Content Updates
• Meet Torum, our junior researcher with some experiments of their own!
• Added an experiment created by Torum: Timing is Everything
• Created animations and faces for Torum
Art Additions
- Added a Button that can be pressed to change its color
- Added Sports Items
o Baseball
o Baseball Bat
o Hockey Net
o Hockey Stick
o Hockey Puck
o Football
o Cornhole Board
o Cornhole Bag
Gameplay Improvements
- Implemented Steam User System
- Updated User Profile Page Layout & Information
- Moved favorites to User’s Profile Page
- Players can access a specific user’s profile through their user icon
- Players can exit mid-search and return to find their last search preserved
Bug Fixes
- Online Experiments are now able to be removed
Thank you all for your support! Please post in our forums, our Trello board, or use our “Submit Feedback” button to tell us about your thoughts on Humans 101!

Please enjoy,
Labrodex Team

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Humans 101

Humans 101 is a VR user-generated content creation game with an amusing narrative. Take part in absurd experiments created by misinformed aliens and create your own challenges using the Experiment Builder and compete with other players to top the charts!

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