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The Full Party Update is already available!

Posted by: LucyG on steam_community_announcements September 9, 2019


Hi everyone,

Last week we deploy our new update and now our founders and backers can enjoy adventures in Relic Hunters Legend with a Full Party!

It was time for Raff, the Party Engineer, show up with all her skills implemented and now she is able to support her teammates through jammin’ tunes and pump out some damage with her trusty Keytar.

Raff's Skills


  • THE WRENCH: The Wrench is Raff's Melee skill. It deals a lot of area damage, but can also hit allies to recover their Shields (blue lifebar) or Armor (yellow lifebar). Pretty handy!
  • SOUNDSCAPE: Raff's Utility skill. It projects a constant aura of music around Raff that can buff her and nearby allies. By actively using the skill, you can switch between two songs: Soothing Song, which regenerates Life over time, and Battle Song, which grants +20% Weapon Damage.
  • SHIFTING MOODS: Her Passive skill. Raff's humor is constantly changing, which affects her skills: every 7 seconds she switches between two stances: Good Vibes and Bad Vibes.
    If you switch to Battle Song while in Bad Vibes, you deal Magnetic damage in an area around Raff. On the other hand, if you switch to Soothing Song while in Good Vibes, you will instantly heal Raff and nearby allies for a good amount.
  • KEYTAR BLAST: Raff's signature skill! By holding down the Charge skill, you can wind up a devastating attack with the Keytar that will hit everything in a large cone in front of Raff! Enemies will take a lot of Magnetic damage (which is effective against Shields in particular), and allies will be healed instantly!
  • UP THE TEMPO: Last but certainly not least, if your party wants to slip away in style, Raff has her super cool Mobility skill called Up The Tempo. It gives a huge speed buff to Raff and all nearby allies, allowing you to sprint and zip around the battlefield!

And there are more things to come for Relic Hunters Legend! Participate in our Community at Discord, give us your feedback and ask us any question you want!

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Lucy, Mark and all Rogue Snail Team.
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