Devil's Hunt is coming in just 8 days!

Posted by: 1C_Dan on steam_community_announcements September 9, 2019


We are close!

Only 8 days till you put on leather jacket, clench fists and embark on journey through Hell, Miami and Jerusalem beating everything and everyone in your way!

Also did you know that in Devil's Hunt we have 3 different fighting styles for Desmond? You can use either basic fighting stance (humanoid let's say), unholy or void style. All of them have different strengths, weaknesses and usage based on enemies you are facing and situation you are in. You can switch among these on the fly during gameplay.

Which form will you mostly use to destroy your enemies with?
Devil's Hunt

The war between Demons and Angels takes you to hell and back in Devil’s Hunt. Play as Desmond in this third-person action adventure game, as he discovers his demonic powers with the fate of the world hanging in the balance of the greatest conflict known to humankind.

Developer: Layopi Games

Publisher: 1C Entertainment