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Good Progress on Episode 2

Posted by: astralojia on steam_community_announcements September 7, 2019

While progress has been coming along on Episode 2, Astralojia has been mentioned here:

Steam Community Announcement

I wanted to talk today about the game's difficulty level just a little bit. I know I've mentioned this before, but I feel it needs to be driven home.

When playtesting one of the main changes I had to make to the game was to put in a 'White Belt Mode' that made the game much easier. The problem with this is that because then you just simply win every battle, you end up breezing by the first episode and then it not only lowers the length of the game, but lowers the enjoyment you get from losing, adjusting your strategy and re-trying. In other words, on easy, there's no strategy now, and since there's no strategy, all that I've worked for it looks like doesn't even matter and gets put to the side!

This is evident in a game like Kingdom Hearts 3 more recently, in where the Critical Mode has you thinking on your feet. The irony of this is that I myself never cared to play Kingdom Hearts 3 in a harder mode, so I barely even knew how to parry by the end of it.

This isn't really.....good when it comes to the whole point of the game. It NEEDS to be a challenge. For Episode 1 I'll be keeping in the white belt mode, but even in Episode 2 I'd like to take that mode out, have just blue belt, and then by about Episode 4 or 5 I'd like to have JUST a black belt mode or harder.

For now the first episode is staying at $4.99, but I'll be putting it on sale once I get Episode 2 out as a means of promoting it. I may even have a short as a free WebGL online demo in where you can't save as a means of getting a farther reach.

Here's a simple progress report on how Episode 2 is going, I may change this model in future announcements:

Script: 90%
Levels: 30%
Battles: 0%
Cutscenes: 0%
Music: 85%

I literally just finished the entire soundtrack in about 3 days, I almost went into a trance recently. You can find a demo song here:

As far as the script is concerned, a new character is introduced, she'll be attending the entrance exams to the school as well, and the versions of the music right now change according to the character's personality. For this new girl, she's got acoustic versions of the battle and town songs.

Episode 2's release date right now is set for November 1st and will be $1.99. Hope you enjoy and thanks for sticking around,
- Astrah

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