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Ultimate Summer No Boat

Posted by: Yod on steam_community_announcements September 7, 2019



As you probably noticed, the title has changed. Well, we will be honest. We took over this project because of the first two words. Ultimate. Summer.

Survival on a tropical island, making fun of tourists, preparing sausages on a grill, sleeping in a tent, fighting against the weather conditions, fishing, cannibalism and pyromania - this is how we imagine holiday of our lifetime. So decent. So ultimate.

You want to spend a month alone, but you fail to rest a day. You think you lost your money and time, but then you feel the first-born anger growing in you, fueling your chainsaw of justice. And you realize your summer is going to be awsome. Because revenge tastes better than peace.

And the boats? If there are any, I strongly recommend shooting them with a bow. There are probably tourists inside.

[quote="Licopolis"]Looked at the website. You guys will need to redo all ADs on Ultimate Summer Steam page. People have been waiting for a boating adventure with possibility of illegal activities. What you are making the game into is more like Postal (and I hope it is, for mere slaughter without any sense of reason or humor is kind of dumb).[/quote]

You're right, mr. Licopolis. Like 100% right. We're on our way to update all the screenshots and trailer, just like we did with arts.

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Ultimate Summer

What exactly you always wanted to do with your rented boat? Are you sure it was just row gently down the stream?

Developer: Asmodev (Delirma)

Publisher: Ultimate Games S.A.