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Update 09/03/2019 - Left Hand Mode

Posted by: Huskinator on steam_community_announcements September 3, 2019

Took a pause in my content creation phase to add Left-Hand mode for all you lefties out there.

You can find the Left-hand mode toggle in the misc options board (to your right in the main office)

Don't forget to hit the "Save and Back" button (see #2), or the options would revert back when you get back to the office...

Left-hand mode will, essentially move all the Movement stuff (Free Locomotion, Arm-Swing Activation)from the Left Controller the Right; and move the Call Arrest, Rotation stuff, and Buddy Command selection from the right controller to the left controller.
It will also swap your primary to the new Left Shoulder Back Holster, and move your handgun to your left hip holster.

Let me know in the forums if there are any problems with this.

Additional Fix
Last patch broke the speech bubbles from the special NPC in the Office level. This has been fixed now.
Fast and Low

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