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08/29/2019 Content Patch (Mission 7) + Additional Unlocks + Game Tweaks

Posted by: Huskinator on steam_community_announcements August 30, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Been busy working on the 2nd phase of development (which is to add 2 additional levels to Fast and Low). I was initially planning to complete both of these levels and releasing them as a pair....however, I ran into some difficulties that really put me behind schedule, and so I've decided to release the missions as I go.

So here we are...Mission 7!!!

There are also 2 new weapons that are unlockable from this mission.


Unlock the new one-handed automatic machine pistol and unleash the inner gangster within you! Dual wield these for increased G-ness.


Add a new SMG to your arsenal! It's got the handling of the Minister (MP5), but with the stopping power of a .45 Cal Pistol!

Changes made to Perk Unlock System

Any perks that you unlock from completing all the Bonus Objectives in certain missions can now be toggled On/Off and can be used together.

I felt that for the amount of work required to unlock these, it makes more sense that players get the option to use all of them together if they want.....So now, you no longer have to choose between having Body Armor or Dual Wielding Pistols.....


Added a grip threshold for Index Controllers, in hopes of prevent accidentally dropping guns. Let me know if this works (i can't test this myself....I don't have an Index..sorry)

Fixed up Animation for enemies shooting with with the Weaver stance. The gun wasn't aligned very well in the past.


Worked on Optimization of Mission 4 to bring in line with the other levels.
Minor visual improvements to Mission 1.
Fixed Revolver on Hand alignment.
Made it easier to grab the Revolver from the holster.
Fast and Low

A VR experience like no other. Take control of either Officer Maximus Faust or Officer Samuel Lo. Or team up locally via asymmetric multiplayer to tackle each scenario. 'Cause when the bad guys gotta gotta hit 'em Fast...and you gotta hit 'em Low.

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