Unknown Pleasures: Find your windmill

Posted by: [email protected] (Sin Vega) on rps August 30, 2019

Somehow, bank holidays always sneak up on me. You’d think after years of working for councils and universities I’d have figured them out by now, but nope. I remain completely flummoxed by the concept of time this week. What year is it? What are mornings? Why is everything in Britain still open exclusively when you can’t bloody get to it?

Games, of course, do not recognise holidays. The tubes emit games, so many games, whether we’re here or not. It is time then, to wade through the stream, and pick out the very best under-covered new games on Steam. It’s Unknown Pleasures.

Upending chronology this week: ocean fights, penal flights, and Cornish knights.


Knights And Bikes

KNIGHTS AND BIKES is a hand-painted action-adventure set on a British island in the 1980s. You’ll play as Nessa & Demelza, tough imaginative girls, exploring the island in a Goonies-inspired tale. An adventure that sees them pedalling into danger, seeking treasure and ancient mysteries to solve.

Developer: Foam Sword

Publisher: Double Fine Presents