Updated to 1.40

Posted by: Celtreos on steam_community_announcements August 26, 2019

The next Celtreos patch is live!

Main Gun Customization

You can now select a different default weapon from the main options screen! You can keep the previous “Gun” weapon or choose the new “Laser” weapon. Both default weapons have the same basic behavior: they auto-upgrade over time and they can be upgraded quickly by “+” power-ups.

New Enemies in “Alien Ocean”

The final ocean stage is a lot more dangerous now! There are additional enemies and hazards. Some of these are hard to hit and have a lot of health.

Cooler Explosions…

Explosions are more detailed, and they are usually accompanied by shattering ship fragments with full physics! In gravity, the remains of your enemies will bounce off whatever is around. In space, they will drift away into the distance. The important thing is that you can create chaos.

Updated Soundtrack

Many songs have had minor enhancements.

Sea snakes are pretty terrifying. And what are these weird thorny things that keep scratching my finish? Anyway, blast ’em quick, problem solved! Speaking of blasting, it’s so cool to just send bits and pieces flying everywhere…

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Updated to 1.47

Celtreos - February 14, 2020

The next Celtreos patch is live!

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1-2 players, game controller support. NO in-app purchases. Nearly 45 minutes of music! Over 10 detailed stages, partly-random, with bosses. Tons of weapons, guards and special moves. Play in a window or in Full Screen.

Developer: Kevin M. Grant

Publisher: Kevin M. Grant