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HOTFIX The Veteran

Posted by: Marilou_BHVR on steam_community_announcements August 23, 2019

Hotfix August 23rd:

- Replaced “Aim Down Sights” Challenge with “Down Scavengers” Challenge


Rattler RX35 Grenade Launcher:
- Lowered damage by ~12.5% at maximum distance from projectile explosion. No change to maximum damage

Design Goal: damage falloff was not aggressive enough, and allowed for too easy kills without testing player aim enough.

Secondary fire now fires 3 shots in a short time period, instead of 3 all at once.

Cerberus 3BC Triple Carbine:
- Base rounds per magazine reduced (45) -> (15)
- Reserve ammo increased (45) -> (75)

- Fixed: level up not providing anything. Now provides +(3) rounds per magazine, per level
- Fixed: Veteran’s Jasper 67V Auto Shotgun level 2 “Spend Ammo” challenge
- Fixed: Veteran’s Rattler RX35 Grenade Launcher level 6 “Shoot” challenge

Many Veteran challenges had far too easy completion criteria. The have been updated to reflect proper game conditions. Congrats if you got to finish them already.

Known Issue: text for Cerberus level up reads +5, it should say +3

Other Deathgarden™: BLOODHARVEST News

Deathgarden shuffles towards the grave, but not without a celebration

Deathgarden™: BLOODHARVEST - November 23, 2019

Behaviour Interactive ceased development on the brutal survival shooter, Deathgarden: Bloodharvest Friday after nearly half a year of triage. The makers of Dead By Daylight are punting the idea of a dour funeral, though. Instead, every feature the team have been working on was pushed out the door for players to enjoy. It’s Deathgarden: Bloodharvest’s wake, and everyone is invited because the game has now gone free-to-play.

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Deathgarden™: BLOODHARVEST

Deathgarden™: BLOODHARVEST is a multiplayer survival action game in which a ruthless hunter tracks and guns down scavengers, desperate individuals trying to survive and escape the Deathgarden

Developer: Behaviour Digital Inc.

Publisher: Behaviour Digital Inc.