Posted by: pryanick on steam_community_announcements August 21, 2019

Changes in the Orbital Fridge loot

  • The chances of receiving a powerful weapon or Jetpack from the Orbital Fridge has been significantly increased;
  • The chances of finding semi-auto rifles in the Orbital Fridge has been significantly lowered;
  • Fixed a bug where you might receive a pair of Gewehr 43 rifles from the Orbital Fridge with no ammo;
  • The Browning auto 5 will no longer be included in an Orbital Fridge drop.

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Cuisine Royale - September 11, 2019

A bug allowing damage from your firearm to your squad member whilst sitting in a car has been fixed.

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Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale is an all-kitchen-warfare Battle Royale game. It's made by developers of squad based MMO shooter Enlisted.

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