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Royal Booty Quest - Release Date

Posted by: Elite Games Ltd on steam_community_announcements August 20, 2019

Hey guys,
I have set the goal of releasing RBQ in October.
Now we working on an extra Hero with own deck.
For Release date - all features will be finished, two new heroes will be added - so it will be 8 in total.

Coop and Forge for items - are still in development, and they are probably not gonna be ready for those dates.

Also, there a couple more heroes who were frozen in the early stages of the development - I'll work on them after Release.

Expect new updates, new content, new heroes, new enemies!

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Royal Booty Quest

Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, slay monsters, forge new cards and boil new potions. Every bit will help.

Developer: Badim

Publisher: Badim