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When Wardens Fall 2.0 (FULL RELEASE) - Available Now

Posted by: peernetgames on steam_community_announcements August 15, 2019
We've just released Patch 2.0 for When Wardens Fall, which marks our transition out of Early Access to Full Release. Thank you for those that supported us in our Early Access period. If you already picked up When Wardens Fall during Early Access be sure to download the latest update of the game and check out the new patch.

If you haven't yet experienced When Wardens Fall, we would be so grateful if you could support us by picking up the full release version of the game. Grab it this week when it is available at a 10% launch discount!

Patch Notes:

  • The Camp

    • The newest and largest feature in When Wardens Fall 2.0 is the inclusion of The Camp. This new player hub allows for enhanced progression systems, found outside of the dungeon to encourage subsequent playthroughs.

  • The Lab

    • The Lab is where players will find the all too familiar alchemy system, however it has received a facelift. With a completely reworked UI, players now have more control over the potions they create and there a lot less trial and error.

  • The Armory

    • Here players will find their weapons. Each weapon can now be upgraded from Level I through to Level 4, bringing with it visual enhancements as well as statistical bonuses. No longer will players be given random items in the dungeon that you never wanted in the first place. All weapons can be chosen from to create the character you want.

  • The Forge

    • The Forge can be used to increase the power of the weapons found in The Armory. This is a key function of the Camp as When Wardens Fall 2.0 has received a massive rebalance encouraging players to upgrade their equipment if they hope to reach the lower levels of the dungeon.

  • Demonic Shards

    • Demonic Shards represent the new boss encounters located at the end of every dungeon level. These Shards of pure energy are able to spawn demonic soldiers, fire bolts of energy or even split into multiple smaller shards. Beating these Shards will reward you with a large amount of gold.

  • Updated Inventory

    • The inventory system has been updated with new UI as well as size based slots. No longer will players be carrying a great axe on the front of their body. These larger weapons are now restricted to the large slots found on the back of the player.

  • Parry System

    • Unlike in previous versions, simply blocking an attack will no longer stagger an enemy. Players must now time their blocks for when the enemy demons weapon is highlighted red. If you block within the “parry window” then you will stagger your opponent, giving you the opening you need. Standard blocks will still negate the damage, though you will lose the striking opportunity.

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