Humans 101 - Early Access Launch

Posted by: Labrodex Studios on steam_community_announcements August 14, 2019

Humans 101 Vision

Welcome test subjects to our Humans 101 Early Access! At the time, we're currently released with four story modules, online experiments created by internal developers, along with an experiment builder that allows players to submit their own experiments online. We're looking to get feedback from players on what tools to simplify and what new tool ideas would be, so we'll be closely monitoring the forums here for suggestions. We've drawn inspirations from games like Happy Wheels and Mario Maker and we want to bring that experience to Virtual Reality. We're optimistic that with your help we can cultivate a bustling environment with hundreds of new experiments being created everyday all curated by players!

Product Road Map

On this coming Tuesday, we will not only release a small patch that will add a few new features, bug fixes, and an asset or two for the experiment builder, but we will also open up our live product roadmap on Trello. This will allow the chance for you guys to input where our efforts are going to for the upcoming patches. More on this on Tuesday, but here's a quick sneak peak on what this looks like!

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Humans 101

Humans 101 is a VR user-generated content creation game with an amusing narrative. Take part in absurd experiments created by misinformed aliens and create your own challenges using the Experiment Builder and compete with other players to top the charts!

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