Patch 10.9951 Notes

Posted by: Daynab on steam_community_announcements August 13, 2019

Hi everyone, today we pushed out a patch to add more old Orbus armor sets back in as transmogs for those who had them unlocked, as well as fixing the existing ones and tackling more bugs.

  • Updated OrbusVR Hardmode raid gear along with Regular raid gear (can be broken down and applied in transmog wardrobe)
  • Now if fishing pole or net gun is being held you will not be able to interact with opening the map to prevent accidental interactions
  • Increased Hardmode raid Skull mount drop chance on boss 5
  • Increased speed on mount speed Lvl 30+ perk
  • Fixed polymorph spell not appearing on wand for Quest users
  • Turned off warrior charged sword audio for other players
  • Fixed bug causing certain areas on gear to appear white in color


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