Hotfix 01.D

Posted by: openbrainsstudio on steam_community_announcements August 14, 2019

Fixed issue when playing Jail with 4 people that caused the fourth person to never connect.
Fixed collision issues with zombies getting stuck on Mansion.
Fixed being able to barricade without any barricades.
Fixed spawning bugs that happened during hold out.

We understand the issues with the patches taking a little while to install. This is due to a combination of engine and size of the game. In the future, we plan on reducing the size of the game to make this faster. In addition, we will try to only post one patch a day moving forward.

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Patch 0.15

Hold Out - August 21, 2019

Hey everyone, we are going to be putting out slightly slower patches from now on as we start working on bigger chunks of content. In the works right now is an arcade style mode that should be very familiar to a lot of people and you will hear more about it soon.

Further Back

Patch 0.12A August 15, 2019

Thursday Patch 0.12 August 15, 2019

Patch 0.11 August 14, 2019

Hotfix 0.1E August 14, 2019

Hotfix 01.D August 14, 2019

Hotfix 0.1C August 13, 2019

Hotfix 01.B August 13, 2019

Hotfix 0.1A August 13, 2019

Hold Out Official Release Date August 11, 2019

Release moved to July 26th July 17, 2019

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Hold Out

Hold out and survive in this 1-4 player co-op shooter in a dark, zombie infested world. Prepare defenses and board up windows to survive against the oncoming hordes of zombies.

Developer: Open Brains Studio

Publisher: Open Brains Studio