Bug Fixes - Players who enter the war mode later may not have a bow

Posted by: beef123 on steam_community_announcements August 13, 2019

After the last update, the version brought a war mode bug: players who enter the war mode later may not have a bow. Apologize to the players who have experienced the war mode online after the update! This bug has been fixed urgently and players can experience the war mode normally!

Thank you for your continued support.
- The Chesstar Team

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Airranger's latest update has urgently fixed a bug that some players encountered when opening the game, the application did not respond, which prevented them from entering the game. Apologies to everyone who encountered this problem.

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Airranger is a bow and arrow multiplayer game. Nothing in usual in the realm of conventional gaming, sure, but it makes for one of the best VR game with a headset donned. You can move around or fly to the sky, as well as use your unique weapons to defeat all your opponents in your own way. only the last one standing can win.

Developer: Chesstar studios

Publisher: Chesstar studios