Update 1 - Adjustment and Function Added

Posted by: SPECIAL FORCE VR on steam_community_announcements August 14, 2019

Hello Guys!

This is a first official update after receiving critical issues and bugs reported from players. We fixed the below issues and added some functions.

Function Added

1) Two hands grip of a firearm with a grip button
2) Available to run even while holding a firearm with two hands as long as not firing an aimed shot
3) Available to filter by ping condition in matchmaking
4) Two hands grip of a pistol
5) Continuous shooting of pistol by pressing a trigger button
6) Support for bHaptics haptic suit


1) Adjusted footstep sound
2) Enhanced the shot effect
3) Turn off the floating timers in HUD
4) Changed the magazine range for reloading
5) Changed the configuration of option UI

We always appreciate for all your positive and negative comments.
Please play the game and keep posting your valuable comments and reviews. We will keep looking into it and If there is an issue,
we will resolve it promptly and accurately.

Thank you again!

SPECIAL FORCE VR: INFINITY WAR is a tactical multiplayer, being developed for virtual reality head mounted displays. It combines VR's realistic combat style and convenience with a high level of combat experience. Let's become the best Special Forces by using firearms and throwing grenades like in real!

Developer: Dragonfly GF Co., Ltd.,Reality MagiQ

Publisher: Dragonfly GF Co., Ltd.