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It's alive

Posted by: Yod on steam_community_announcements August 13, 2019

All right, I lied. It's not alive yet, but we already have all the organs needed to resurrect the monster. The game is taken over by a new team of six people who are sweating hard to make up for the lost time. This is no longer a hobby after-hours project. This is a serious undertaking.
We are currently preparing a new Steam page, because there will be some significant changes. Expect intense, rude and addictive entertainment. In a much better audiovisual setting.


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What is Ultimate Summer about?

Ultimate Summer - August 18, 2020

You come to the island and meet a long-nosed monkey and a penguin, who are reparing a soul-washing machine. Your task is to defend the device aganist horde of incoming monsters. Simple rules: If you kill the monsters – you win. If monsters destroy the washing machine – you lose.

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Ultimate Summer

What exactly you always wanted to do with your rented boat? Are you sure it was just row gently down the stream?

Developer: Asmodev (Delirma)

Publisher: Ultimate Games S.A.