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The Crew Is Back!

Posted by: Jellyfish Games on steam_community_announcements August 9, 2019

Welcome back aboard!

Hello to all! All crews have returned from offworld and all hands are back on deck.

Daniel – @Polygonatron

Hi Everybody!

This week I jumped straight into making another pass over the game to figure out if there are some things that need to make sounds that aren’t currently on our list of things that should make sounds. I found a whole bunch of things during this process, this should hearing what’s up in Astrobase Command a whole lot easier!

Dave – @Dave_Astrobase

Hey guys, this week I’ve been working on a procedural main storyline hooking in from the intro. So at first glance it will be an intro upgrade, and then the stories will go somewhere.


Hi guys,

This week I’ve been looking into upgrading the engine to gain access to new features and adding analytics to the game to help identify bottlenecks in play.

Max – @Max_Shields

Hello all,

I’ve been working on some test ads and other marketing stuff. Oh, and dealing with barfing kids. Lots and lots of barf. Soooooo much barf.


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Astrobase Command

As the invisible administrative hand of an Astrobase in a forgotten corner of the universe, your crew depend on you for their survival.

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