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Update 08/02/2019, What I've been working on, and Vacation Notice

Posted by: Huskinator on steam_community_announcements August 3, 2019

Hey all,

A quick was released fixing a couple issues

1) Fixed controller issue with WMR headsets where left controller menu button wasn't working.

2) Optimized the clutter and lighting in Mission 2, to try to improve frames

Just to give an idea on what I've been working on in terms of new content. Without ruining too much of the layouts and whatnot, here is an idea of the upcoming 2 missions.

Mission 7: Japanese theme restaurant with Living Quarters

Mission 8: Apartment complex (Multifloored)

The goal of these missions is to emphasize more close quarter engagements.

Also, I will be on vacation for the next week with no access to fix anything (which shouldn't been too much of a problem since I think the game's in a pretty good state right now). I will be back to work on 08/10/2019.

Thanks everyone for your support and feedback so far!
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