Friends & Family Patch 0.1.17

Posted by: Skullbot Games on steam_community_announcements August 1, 2019

We focused this week on quality of life and bugfixes! In particular, we addressed some things that were subtle, but were really hard to fix and had been around for a long while. These annoying little issues had stuck around for a while because we knew they weren’t “too bad” but fixing them could cause other things to need a lot of retesting. Screw that, it’s time to clean it all up!

Some rewrites to cure long standing issues include:
-- Wallops have been re-done to prevent issues where the PC or NPC could rarely with certain stats get “held up” and not be fully walloped. Please keep an eye out for behavior/feel changes!
-- Collision has been overhauled for creatures and some objects to prevent some subtle issues, especially with creatures occasionally getting stuck on a ceiling while pouncing or slamming down.
-- Claw Pounce attacks are better at choosing where you land. (related in part to the above collision changes)
-- Weapons can customize their attack ranges per attack, allowing Pulverizer/Claws/Shock Sword to feel much more different from each other.
-- All achievements and drops have been checked/fixed/tweaked to allow 100% completion to be possible! Previously, subtle things could prevent some things from spawning or being encountered despite appearing in the Encyclopedia. Details below!

So if you see any issues appearing from the above, please do report ‘em!

And we’ve unlocked the Robot Assassin Abacus for testing without you needing a Decimus win first so we can get extra testing in on him even if people clear out their save files! In celebration, we prettified the Character Select screen to give a bit more information as well.

Thanks a ton!

-- All wallops now use a consistent upward force instead of modifying it by the distance of travel
-- Fixed an issue where wallops would occasionally not happen, often with smaller wallops
-- Fixed an issue where gladiators would occasionally dash in place without going anywhere
-- Leaping with the claw weapons is now much better at understanding where you can safely leap
-- Big (mostly invisible) weapons overhaul on melee attacks to clean up - keep an eye out for issues!
-- Weapons can now set attack arcs on a per-attack basis
-- Weapons can override AOE attacks on a per-attack basis
-- Claws now have a narrower attack arc for default attack and 360 degree arc for slashing pounce
-- Slashing pounce FX scale up with melee range
-- Pulverizer now has a 360 degree arc by default
-- Electric Sword now more cleanly handles power attacks vs normal attacks
-- Electric Sword power attack FX scale up with melee range
-- Electric Sword has a 240 degree attack arc by default

-- Carnage pop ups are cleaner, last longer/shorter durations depending how many carnage points are granted
-- Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck facing the wrong direction if you stopped moving your mouse
-- Clipping works properly on achievements as they animate while going to next level
-- The character select screen now shows the currently selected class's name and description

-- Secret rooms no longer attempt to connect to arena rooms and thus no longer connect to arena rooms and look terrible doing so
-- Robot Assassin Abacus is now available without having to beat the game first for maximum testing potential
-- Added new gadget - Portable Airdrop - sends a gift box from your fans
-- Cleanup making sure achievements all can be completed:
-- Added mutation Terminal Velocity to Special Mutation spawn pool (can no longer pick up hearts, but gain giant stat ups)
-- Added Shocker to spawn pools (zappy Active Item)
-- Proving Grounds unlocks its achievement properly
-- Removed some unimplemented achievements/items from Encyclopedia

-- Your robot buddies can no longer open blood locks for you
-- Reduced character bounce to help prevent stacking enemies from shooting themselves through the ceiling
-- Fixed timing on Sword Gladiator enemy attacks, including removing a buried insta-attack on Uppercut
-- Cleaned up firing nodes for Sword Gladiator
-- Champ and Claw Gladiator can no longer insta-pounce when their Fury is raised enough by level ups

-- Added much logging to buffs if Buff_Verbose is set
-- Added logging to rooms around Room Buffs
-- Added new log types
-- Pulverizer cleanup:
-- Fixed double-mesh displaying on Pulverizer
-- Pulverizer now unequips properly
-- Fixed warning on unequipping Pulverizer
-- Added new damage tag "Damage.KeepFlawless" to mark intentionally self-inflicted damage as not breaking Flawless/Bloodless achievements
-- Updated public text of Bloodless/Flawless achievements to be a bit more clear
-- Hitting yourself in the face with Bomber will now break your flawless type achievements
-- Fixed an issue where the player could die multiple times before "actually" dying
-- Multishot now starts clone projectiles near the attacked creature, not the attacker (fixes bug where Tosser clones w/ Multishot would still start near the PC)
-- Fan rewards now chose the closest safe tile to the player's position to place the reward
-- Made Headhunter mutation description more clear, added flavor text
-- Spike traps are animated more energetically
-- Made more obvious periods of spike danger vs. safety
-- Cameras now have a loot pool and are destroyable with bombs
-- The mouse cursor no longer changes position when it is hidden by you using a gamepad or keyboard
-- Fixed an issue where you could try to select the next menu option with a gamepad or keyboard and it would select the same one you were already on once
-- Added logging to run manager
-- Fixed some misplaced border tiles in a stomper room
-- Fixed bug with "Play last seed" not always functioning properly. Note: This was a bit of a subtle thang with moving to a new full mani-menu type system for creating new runs instead of an early-dev-casual "hey, we should make temp new runs internally sometimes so we have a valid run going at all times" kind of system. Obviously the new ways is better/cleaner, and it should be handled well and be invisible, but keep an eye out for any new oddnesses with level saving/loading, creating new runs, ending runs, etc. Thanks! -Gaff
-- Removed spammy logging for audience and account managers
-- Win streaks properly go away when account data is reset
-- Changed mirror armor material
-- Moved spotlights in start room to better places
-- Fixed an issue where spawn cages in the Big Show would try to remove themselves from the room twice
-- Creating a run and quitting before the first combat will no longer be treated as if you hadn't created a run at all
-- Claws are now both the same material vs. one being iron and one ceramic (oops)
-- Added a simple metal texture to the claws used by the claw gladiator and Da Champ
-- Fixed an issue where secret doors could crash the game while setting up their decoy wall
-- Fixed minor issue with secret door redirector type
-- Dead walloped guys can now open blood locks (chests, gates, etc.) for you on their way to dying For Real
-- The mouse wheel can now be used to change menu options
-- Fixed a bug where you could no longer target enemies with your claw's leap attack
-- Fixed an issue where the flyup descent timing was happening too late
-- Fixed an issue where the flyup descent sound was playing at the wrong location
-- Telekinetic weapon now works with Claws
-- Tosser and Claws now work together - behavior: quick click attack to just throw weapon, hold attack to throw weapon and then follow with slashing pounce
-- Tosser and Telekinetic Weapon now interact harmoniously (tossed weapon was emitting from the player, not the telekinetic weapon)
-- Claws now have 2 trails when telekinetically controlled
-- Fixed an issue where the telekinetic weapon would lose its collision if it did a flyup attack
-- Fixed an issue where the telekinetic weapon could not target enemies mid claw leap attack
-- Fixed an issue where flying followers were accidently blocking your player movement
-- Fixed an issue where flying buddies were blocking movement and wallops
-- Fixed an issue where fixing the above issue broke leaping telekinetic claw attacks
-- Thrown weapons create particles on expend
-- Thrown telekinetic weapons clean up trails to be more clear
-- Telekinetic weapons handle slashing pounces a bit more cleanly
-- Leaving the tutorial now properly takes you to the starting level of a new run
-- Fixed Tutorial MC dying in pit (causes tutorial camera to be funky, among other things) - changed his capsule defaults
-- Added logging around level transitions, elevator usage, cheats, picking up items
-- Removed extra newline appended to blueprint log functions
-- Fixed some collision setting for burrowed movement
-- Updated several npc's to use proper movement mode setups
-- Cleaned up how we restore your correct collision after leaping and dashing in some cases
-- FTL dash once again picks up items in its path
-- Added ability to tune size of destructible explosions in SpawnedActors
-- Spinners now have destructible meshes when destroyed by the Shredder
-- Spinners create normal floor tiles on destruction and not pits
-- Reduced some log spam
-- Tutorial MC no longer dies on spawn
-- Replacement tiles are now properly decorated
-- Broken spinner tiles now replace themselves with default tiles
-- The spike roller now falls into the big show at the same time as Da Champ, slightly further forward, and slowly advances, even before the first wall falls down
-- The full size spike spider uses the same material as the mini-spike spider for now
-- Da Champ no longer needs to have a direct line of sight to the player before he decides to jump into the arena
-- Fixed an issue where the spike roller was accidently destroying rocks before it comes down
-- Dying counts as taking damage for the Flawless type achievements (thanks @Outlaw !)
-- Fixed an issue where dungeon rooms would complain when cleaning up mid-wallop enemies who will be dead after the wallop is completed
-- The spike roller now blocks projectiles
-- Fixed an issue where the big show was using a low column when it should have been using the full height column
-- Fixed an issue where you could change how enemies attacked you by quitting out mid combat and then re-entering the game
-- Fixed an issue where you could change which weapons Da Champ uses by quitting out mid combat and then re-entering the game
-- If the game enters starting level with bad run data, bounces back to main menu
-- Added bulletproofing to LevelManager being asked to spawn a level when no run data exists
-- Created mirror material for Mirror Shield
-- Changed the floor spikes material to the new texture
-- Changed the level greeter over to the new models and material
-- Adjusted the positioning of the level greeter to work better with the new model
-- End of level and run summary screens now respond to all player input
-- Cleaned up several unnecessary focus changes in the UI
-- Added logging around resurrection of creatures
-- Fixed issue where resurrection could partially fail and partially succeed
-- Added logging for leaving combat
-- Fixed an issue with the mouse cursor not being visible in the menu during certain situations (like when dead)
-- Added major logging to Champ
-- Locked doors can now be opened from behind without needing to unlock them (helps with secret passages leading to shops, etc.)
-- Fixing a bug where exploded tire stacks would re-explode every time you re-entered the game
-- General tire stack cleanups
-- Fixed an issue where secret rooms were stealing the active room status when they were revealed instead of just when you walked into them
-- Fixed: Fury changing mid-animation could cause issues
-- Fixed: If character became unresponsive, was interrupting uninterruptible animation
-- Fixed: NPC’s next actions could be chosen at inappropriate times causing interruption issues
-- Added timer so can tell when firing nodes are finished executing
-- FlyUps now work by setting a timer to fire at the appropriate (scaled, based on notification) time to slam down rather than depending on a direct anim notify firing. This better handles creatures who are very fast or very slow who have attacks that involve flyup
-- Fixed the display name for the mini claw spider
-- Fixed a bunch of different places that were expecting a valid skeletal mesh but not making sure it existed first
-- Added descriptions of weapons and armor to Class Select screen, and beautified
-- Your player will no longer snap to a strange rotation if your mouse leaves the window, but this time without breaking facing during dashing or leaping

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