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Quick Update 07/30/2019

Posted by: Huskinator on steam_community_announcements July 30, 2019

Just a couple of minor things.

Adjustments made for Vive Wands Haptics. I received feedback that controllers were continuing to vibrate/hum after shooting guns. This has been addressed

Played around with Unity's Audio manager. Hopefully this improves the surround sound audio.

Optimized code for Flashbangs/Stingers/Frags.

Please let me know if any of these issues persist.
Fast and Low

A VR experience like no other. Take control of either Officer Maximus Faust or Officer Samuel Lo. Or team up locally via asymmetric multiplayer to tackle each scenario. 'Cause when the bad guys gotta gotta hit 'em Fast...and you gotta hit 'em Low.

Developer: Urban Giraffe Games Inc.

Publisher: Urban Giraffe Games Inc.