New Updates Coming That Will Make It Look More 'Unreal'

Posted by: astralojia on steam_community_announcements July 20, 2019

New Updated verison of the game needs to be tested fully before uploading tomorrow, but can't wait to upload this one because for anyone with a GPU that has 3GB or above (like Geforce 1050 for example or above) the game will now set it to 1080p with [highest quality] anti-aliasing and slight motion blur to give it much more of an 'Unreal [Engine]' feel.

Updates will include:

- BIGGEST UPDATE: Graphics on any GPU that is 3GB or over in memory will look waaaay better now, all smoothed out, so hopefully a lot more like Octopath Traveler now.
- Fixing finder arrow that would stay displayed in cutscenes.
- Now Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R combo will reset the game to the title screen on PC, akin to resetting a console.
- Splashes on PC will follow the camera much more tightly.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you have the game right now/are a pre-release tester, streamer, let's player or reviewer, your previous save games due to the nature of the update will NOT be compatible with this newer version of the game! Some changes will not take effect with old save files!

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