New Updates Coming That Will Make It Look More 'Unreal'

Posted by: astralojia on steam_community_announcements July 20, 2019

New Updated verison of the game needs to be tested fully before uploading tomorrow, but can't wait to upload this one because for anyone with a GPU that has 3GB or above (like Geforce 1050 for example or above) the game will now set it to 1080p with [highest quality] anti-aliasing and slight motion blur to give it much more of an 'Unreal [Engine]' feel.

Updates will include:

- BIGGEST UPDATE: Graphics on any GPU that is 3GB or over in memory will look waaaay better now, all smoothed out, so hopefully a lot more like Octopath Traveler now.
- Fixing finder arrow that would stay displayed in cutscenes.
- Now Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R combo will reset the game to the title screen on PC, akin to resetting a console.
- Splashes on PC will follow the camera much more tightly.
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