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Posted by: peernetgames on steam_community_announcements July 11, 2019

Hello Hunters,

Welcome to our first ever When Wardens Fall Developer Vlog. Today we are looking at all the new features that have been added to When Wardens Fall 2.0, the patch that will finally bring us out of Early Access. Either watch the video below or take a read!


The biggest addition to When Wardens Fall 2.0 is the The Camp. The Camp acts as our new player hub. The current game has a starting room which allows you to enter the dungeon, look at your gear, but not much else. The starting room right now is essentially just a staging ground for you to enter the dungeon. In When Wardens Fall 2.0, The Camp will replace the starting room and contain a lot of special and unique features, including progression and interesting customization options. When you enter The Camp, you’ll see that there are different sections.

In The Armory, you’ll see that all of your favourite weapons are back. The Armory is where you are now able to pick up and choose the weapons you want before going into the dungeon. In previous versions of the game you were stuck using the weapons that we gave you through the chests. That’s no longer the case! Chests now drop gold, and that gold can be spent in The Camp to upgrade different parts of The Camp, upgrade your weapons, and unlock alchemy stations, which allow you to refine different chemicals and plants down to make different potions, poisons, and flasks. The Armory has all the classic weapons: daggers, swords, great axes, hand axe, shield, and our beautiful long sword. All weapons can be carried into the dungeon by holstering them into your inventory slots. Alternatively, you can fill your inventory slots with alchemical concoctions that you develop in The Lab.

The Lab, is the section of The Camp devoting to alchemy. The alchemy station works the same as it does in other versions of the game, allowing you to create unique and interesting potions, poisons, and flasks. The difference is that you can now bring the alchemy concoctions that you want into the dungeon, and not just use what you find. In The Lab there is a book with a legend of all the available effects when creating potions, poisons, and flasks. Available effects include: instant heal, fire, blind, heal over time, increase damage, paralyze, damage over time, freeze, and defense increase. The Lab also contains a book from which you can retrieve the plants that you collected in the dungeon. You can flip through the book and collect the plants from the two podiums on either side of the book. This book also indicated what effects can be found within each plant.

When you first enter The Camp in When Wardens Fall 2.0, you’ll notice that the boiling pot and grinder, both used to refine plants with two effects into their singular components, are missing from The Lab. In When Wardens Fall 2.0 players are now required to upgrade their camp to unlock addition functionality that was there by default in the previous versions. You now have to spend your hard earned gold to upgrade The Lab. Doing this will unlock additional pieces including the boiling pot and the grinder, as well as the ability to create poisons and flasks. By default, when you start the game, you will only be able to make potions, and there will only be a few starting ingredients for you to work with.

The newest addition to the When Wardens Fall 2.0 is The Forge. The Forge is where you can take the items that you’ve collected from The Armory and upgrade them up to Level 5. All weapons by default start at Level 0 and can be leveled up from Level 1 up to Level 5. Leveling up not only adds stats to your weapons but also customizes them and edits their appearance. Just like The Lab, The Forge can be upgraded. If you have a weapon that you want to upgrade, The Forge must be at least that level. For example, if you want to upgrade your sword to Level 3 your forge must also be at Level 3.

Beside the waterfall, you’ll find the dungeon door, which has been revamped and moved to the end of The Camp. In addition, the settings board has been moved to beside the dungeon door so that players can make changes before going into the dungeon. The settings board allows you to change your movement method, your dominant hand, and how you want to drop items.

The Camp adds much needed progression between your dungeon runs. Players will no longer be able to enter the dungeon and reach Level 5 on their first playthrough. Instead they’ll be required to level up and improve the components of The Camp so they can get deeper and deeper into the dungeon.

We hope that you are really excited for this new way to play When Wardens Fall and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it later this summer. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. Make sure add the game to your wishlist so you are up to date on what is happening with When Wardens Fall 2.0.

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