Update 07/11/2019 - FPS Toggle Aim, Locomotion Speed Based on Joystick Position, Bug Fixes

Posted by: Huskinator on steam_community_announcements July 11, 2019

Good Afternoon,

Took a break from content creation, and wanted to add some QoL features that people wanted.

Toggle Aim down sights for FPS players. You can find this in the options menu.

Free Locomotion Speed based on Joystick: You can find this in the Additional Options Menu.
Essentially this completely removes clicking down to sprint. Instead, the speed of your free locomotion is determined by how much you push your joystick (in a given direction).

Bug Fixes - more improvements to Buddy AI (if you tell your buddy to throw a flashbang/stinger/frag at a particular location, he'll attempt to run into range of his throw first before throwing it), fixed issue where Buddy Menu wasn't working on Vive.

Side-Note - I was working on adding Leaning around corners for FPS players...but after some playtesting, it felt very overpowered and it took away alot of the fun in my opinion. I may look into again in the future.

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Fast and Low

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