NEW Alpha Build! Part of the refactoring!

Posted by: Summer on steam_community_announcements July 12, 2019

Just pushed an update for an Alpha build - to handle different screen resolutions was the big thing!

  • Can no longer glitch through walls with low frame rates
  • Dysaur steering - no longer slippery, FASTER
  • GUI supports different resolutions
  • Enemy GUI and Seedling name is more clear

Always feel free to reach you to me if you need me!


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Mercenary Leto - September 9, 2019

So I managed to cobble it together - the entire game is playable, from start to finish. So you'll 'see' the final boss, see how Alma and Leto met, and be introduced to the rest of the cast of the game.

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Mercenary Leto

A science-fantasy action platformer with a nostalgic pixel look. Travel the galaxy with a cast of memorable and endearing characters, ride one fluffy dragon, and stumble onto a plot to stop dragon poachers.

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