Update 1.27 - Finally!

Posted by: Justin Wang on steam_community_announcements July 12, 2019

Hello everyone!

After driving myself crazy this past month trying to incorporate the hundreds of changes and improvements I'd like to make to the game, pretty much all at once, I've finally decided to just back off, start small, and get the ball rolling again.

In order to reestablish a routine and try to get my schedule back to something approaching normal, I'll be focusing on just tiny little updates for the next week or so, just little things that I have no excuses for procrastinating on or agonizing over.

Once I've gotten back into the swing of things I'll start work on incorporating the larger, more substantial changes and improvements I've got sitting on the dev-branch. So to kick things off:

Update 1.27:
- Improved sprites for a bunch of monsters, cleaning up graphics and trying to narrow in on a more unified art style.

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