v0.91.17 Patch Notes

Posted by: Low Magic Studios on steam_community_announcements July 12, 2019

New skill: Open Lock
New items: Chests of various types and lock DCs
New items: Various tools for Disable Device and Open Lock
Added simple tools to initial items of player party in Adventure mode
Applying circumstance modifiers of tools when disarm traps

Added Open Lock related guild quests
Adjusted some quests
Added Adventurers Guild in Old Capital

Optimized town UI
Optimized tip UI
Optimized descriptions of some items and skills
Fixed bug that items not auto merged after purchasing items in town
Fixed bug that items in trading affect quests
Fixed abnormal exchange operations when move Healer’s Kit to storage box
Fixed bug that characters of old saves may have no skills
Fixed battle difficulty bug of old saves

Note: When you encountered a bug, please zip and send your saves (the game folder\saves) to [email protected] It's extremely useful for debugging.

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v0.91.16 Patch Notes

Low Magic Age - June 29, 2019

New feature of Action Bar: Action Group - 19 groups of action presets:

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