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Version 4.752 Beta release

Posted by: Whirligig on steam_community_announcements July 11, 2019

So here we go, another beta. A few things have gone on here. Firstly we have index controller support, then a load of bug fixes, also an update to the image loading code which improves the speed of image loading and doesn't interrupt the VR and a load of bug fixes.

This beta is going to lead onto a default build. This is for a couple of reasons, firstly because I need to release index controller support and secondly I need to release updates to the default build more regularly. So below is more detailed list of updates

  • Updated Unity3D
  • Improved fidelity of main menu.
  • Index controller support.
  • Double tap of skip forward/backward fixed.
  • corrected reversed backwards/forwards on position panel.
  • Added memory of previous FOV when going through projection options.
  • Fixed scrolling on input menu.
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes.
  • Fixed double click issue when going from next previous media.
  • Fixed tilt up not moving smoothly on hotkeys.
  • Replaces all the texture loads with a different method which improves load times and removes pauses in VR.

There's likely to be other things I've done but that's the ones I can remember for now :)

And Finally
So that’s all the updates I can remember. This is going to default soon as the release of the Index means I need to support the controllers in the main build.

As always bug reports, questions and feature requests are always welcome. I hope you like this update and I hope it improves your experience.

Until next time

Keep watching :)

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