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Patch Note: 0.1.4 : Gruesome Executions

Posted by: PierreBHVR on steam_community_announcements July 11, 2019

Hey Deathgarden community,

The fourth content update patch is upon us! One month after the reboot, our dedication to delivering a great game hasn’t faltered, and we’re thrilled to add new content, new features, and new mechanics.

You’ve asked for it and we’re more than happy to deliver it. This patch will include an improved feature: executions!


Ever wonder how those terrifying Hunters deliver death when they jump into the Deathgarden? We’ve added 3 different executions, one for each Hunter, to show off their personality and ruthlessness.

We’ve been diligent in the creation of these executions to provide Hunters with a sense of supremacy, and Scavengers with a sense of dread.

Every Hunter can now execute their prey. Once a Scavenger has been shot down, the Hunter can close in and execute them in a gruesome manner, asserting their superiority. Before the Scavenger is removed from the Garden, the Hunter will execute them in a deadly lock-in animation, during which players are able to move the camera to get the best view. Once the Hunter disposes of a Scavenger, they can resume the hunt until everyone has been killed – or has escaped their grasp.

Each animation has the same duration and is designed to depict the Hunter’s personality and their prejudice towards Scavengers.



Game Health: Proving Grounds Leaderboard Update

- The leaderboard now shows the player’s position as well as those around them, rather than the top 5 players in the world

Design Goal: Our intent is to ensure players have a positive feeling and a sense of achievement when looking at the Proving Grounds leaderboard.

Progression Variety: Character and Player Level Progress Bars Added

- The player level and character level widgets now display progress bars. Players now have access to more information regarding their progression


Player Comfort: Hunters Can Now See Which Scavengers Have Been Recycled

- When damaging a Scavenger, Hunters will now see two distinctive health bar colors:

               -  Yellow health bar indicates the Scavenger hasn’t been Recycled yet

               -   Red health bar indicates the Scavenger can be Executed

Design Goal: This change allows Hunters to accurately assess their prey and helps them prioritize targets.

Player Comfort: Rotation Speed Is No Longer Clamped

- Improved the fluidity of rotation speed when sprinting

Balance: Shorter Execution Time During Blood Mode

- During Blood Mode, Execution time has been reduced from (5)s → (1)s

Note: The Execution animation won’t be played during Blood Mode.

Design Goal: Blood Mode is a tense, action-packed experience; we want to highlight that feeling for the player. Waiting 5 seconds to Execute doesn’t reflect the game design intentions.

Balance: The Stalker’s Perk ‘Stealer’ Now Counts for Progression

- The Stalker’s Perk ‘Stealer’ counts towards the overall progression of The Stalker

- The XP stolen will not be included in the ’Proving Grounds’ scores

Game Experience: New Hunter Progression Challenges

- 4 new Progression Challenges are available in the Hunter Progression system:

               -  Drones: Earn XP in the ‘Drones’ category from the Tally Screen

               - Downing: Earn XP in the ‘Downing’ category from the Tally Screen

               - Execution/Recycling: Earn XP in the ‘Execution/Recycling’ category from the Tally Screen

               - Hacking: Earn XP in the ‘Hacking’ category from the Tally Screen

Note: These new challenges are only available on Characters purchased or Prestiged after the Gruesome Executions Patch.


Balance: ‘Speed Boost’ Vambrace Power Duration Reduction

- Dash’s Vambrace Power ‘Speed Boost’ is reduced

- Level 1: (3)s → (2)s

- Each additional level: (.5)s → (.4)s

Design goal: We’ve noticed that the overall escape rates of Dash were higher than those of other Characters. By slightly diminishing his Vambrace power’s effect, our design intent is to ensure all Scavengers have the same survival chances in the Garden.

Balance: ‘Active Camo’ Vambrace Power Noticeability Increase

- When the ‘Active Camo’ Power is active, the heat shimmer is now visible to the Hunter when the affected Scavenger is climbing walls or interacting with Crates or Body Piles.

Player Comfort: The ‘Fire’ Button Won’t Force Slow Movement

- Removed the forced slowed movement while firing. (Hold Left Mouse Button)

Progression Variety: New Scavenger Progression Challenges

- 4 new Progression Challenges are available for Scavengers:

               - Construct Defeats: Earn XP in the ‘Construct Defeats’ category from the Tally Screen

               - Team Actions: Earn XP in the ‘Team Actions’ category from the Tally Screen

               - Resources: Earn XP in the ‘Resources’ category from the Tally Screen

               -  Hunter Close: Earn XP in the ‘Hunter Close’ category from the Tally Screen

Note: These new Challenges are only available on Characters purchased or Prestiged after the Gruesome Executions Patch.

Player Comfort: Removal of Least Appreciated Scavenger Challenges

- 6 Progression Challenges have been removed:

               - Hang time

               - Perform a/multiple revive(s)

               - Distance fell

               - Number of constructs destroyed

               - Number of jumps

               - Distance crawled while crouched

Note: These challenges are still available on Characters purchased or Prestiged before the Gruesome Executions Patch.

Player Comfort: Inked’s ‘Shield’ Vambrace Power Text Now Matches Its Gameplay

- Clarification of Inked’s ‘Shield’ description to reflect how the Shield reacts when in contact with a Hacked Crate

               - When shielded, a Scavenger can pick up a Crate without being revealed, but this action will consume the Shield

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Deathgarden™: BLOODHARVEST

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