Warlander Devblog #13: “We the Players…”

Posted by: Clock Drive Games on steam_community_announcements July 11, 2019

We talked a lot about the game, its assets and combat, but what do “tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free“ say after playing Warlander? Look no further.

In the last couple of weeks Warlander underwent a lot of changes. We worked on the gameplay and the way combat works, and went through intensive testing in order to get feedback from the only relevant people that can give it - the players. So we decided to share some of the impressions we received from the testers:

“Enemies are interesting, and I have the feeling that the game punishes you if you make a mistake, and I like that. Some of the powers like sword throwing are interesting and the interaction with the environment is fun as well. I feel that the tagline of the game “Tactical Swordplay” really connects with the game.”

“The graphics look really good. I think that the game pushes you to think before you act. The enemies also look as they are thinking and being tactical. Enemies show variety, both in looks and behaviour - I love the art and graphics. I loved the targeting - you get to see where the hit will land and that’s great!”

“Slicing is great, you can kill enemies pretty fast if you know what to do. I think that not everything should be explained in a game… let the players explore and find out for themselves. I would love if I could explore a little bit more, to see what’s hiding behind that door or corridor…”

“Targeting and aiming are quite interesting, but what is great is dismemberment… it’s really incredible! The skill tree is great. It’s enjoyable and easy to understand and it does not overwhelm you with information.”

These are just a few short testimonials from the people who played the Demo. Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy our newest gameplay video, so stay tuned. And don’t forget to wishlist us on Steam, and join us on Discord, Twitter and Facebook.

Yours truly,
CDG Team

Wreak your path of vengeance in a world torn by the conflict between the Old Gods and a new Techno Order. Every move you make in Warlander’s combat has consequences and simulates a feeling of close-quarters fighting, rewarding strikes aimed at exposed flesh and punishing thoughtless attacks.

Developer: Clock Drive Games

Publisher: Clock Drive Games